Progressive Energy Group was founded by former utility industry executives to address the needs of commercial and residential energy consumers. Co-founders are Chris Childress, who served as president of the Nicor Company’s alternative energy and conservation products subsidiary and Arnie Schramel, CPA, who served as that unit’s CFO and chief operating officer. Recognizing that consumers struggled to understand clearly the complexities of today’s global energy market, the two now leverage their extensive industry expertise to deliver energy cost savings and energy management services to a growing list of business and consumer clients.

In 2001, the two joined forces to reinvigorate a depleted, underperforming utilities sector subsidiary. It was their leadership and strategic vision that resulted in unprecedented growth both from a financial and customers’ perspective. This was accomplished by developing new energy management products that revolutionized the industry and allowed consumers to "take control" of their energy costs. At Progressive Energy Group, the two created a proprietary methodology to lower business and residential natural gas and electricity costs by leveraging the benefits of large volume purchases and creating an open competition for the customers’ energy spend, regardless of the client’s size. Their knowledge of the root causes of energy over expenditures—lack of open market energy buying, failure to enforce contractual agreements, incorrect tax rate structures, and inefficient infrastructure performance, for example—enables them to provide a clear and comprehensive energy management plan that can cut costs between 10 and 40 percent. Whether a residential consumer, small business, dispersed organization, or conglomerate, these proven methodologies will drive significant energy savings.

Since its inception, Progressive Energy Group has built a strong team and network of leading industry experts. The Progressive Energy Group effectively serves as an independent advocate for business and consumer clients and delivers strategic energy management services across the United States. Its comprehensive approach results in lower energy costs and enhanced profitability for businesses.




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