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Progressive Energy Group is a premier provider of natural gas and electricity audit services. We specialize in helping companies control and lower their energy costs and maximize the return on their energy investments.

With over 75 years of combined industry experience, the Progressive Energy Group understands the importance of energy management and the impact that high energy costs can have on operating budgets.

We help companies effectively manage the five components of a company’s energy spend:

Energy Supply:

  • Monitor changes in natural gas and electricity markets to ensure our customers connect to the lowest cost energy supplier.
  • Make energy suppliers fight for your business
  • Bundle smaller users together to lower costs through energy aggregation.

Energy Delivery:

  • Ensure companies are billed accurately for their gas and electricity usage.
  • Determine that companies are billed in accordance with the correct rate structure for their industry segment and usage levels.


  • Ensure our customers are taking advantage of state and local tax exemptions.
  • Verify companies are paying the correct local, state, and federal utility taxes.
  • Advocate for tax exemptions based on industry classification and municipal tax codes.

Energy Demand:

  • Benchmark a company’s current energy infrastructure to determine if it is performing at maximum efficiency.
  • Leverage our network of industry-recognized conservation professionals to analyze and recommend fiscally responsible sustainability initiatives.
  • Secure alternative funding sources such as government or conservation foundation grants.

Portfolio Management:

  • Provide ongoing budget and forecasting for energy usage.
  • Audit supplier agreements to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Negotiate supplier contracts to validate they are within industry standards
  • Solve anomalies between forecasted costs and actual usage to ensure budget certainty.




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