Energy Conservation

Our Philosophy

Energy price levels and market volatility constantly threaten your energy cost management and supply security, both critical components to defending your bottom line and competitive advantage. It is our belief the best way to manage long term energy costs is to lower demand by deploying fiscally responsible sustainability projects that reduce consumption without compromising ROI goals.

Progressive Energy Group encourages you to use energy efficiently and creatively. Our energy management services focus on minimizing the total cost you pay for energy so the result is lower energy bills. From risk assessment to budget forecasting, future cost modelling, purchase optimization, auditing, billing, and proactive moves to enhance your overall operating efficiency, Progressive offers cost-effective solutions.

Grants and Outside Funding

Whether investing your own money or pursuing alternative capital resources such as government funding, environmental sustainability grants, or project financing, our team will tap its network of energy conservation specialists to help you realize your energy goals from concept to deployment. The following are high impact ways you can achieve results with a quick ROI:

  • Alternative energy sources: wind, geothermal, solar, biomass
  • Conservation technologies: energy management systems, lighting retrofits, operational process improvement, waste and recycling, water efficiency and reclamation

Progressive Energy Group affiliates that support fiscally responsible sustainability projects and will deliver comprehensive solutions to lower your consumption and maximize your ROI: (broad range of energy conservation solutions) (heating, air conditioning, ventilation specialist)




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