Municipal Aggregation - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ComEd indifferent if we choose another power provider?

Moving to another power supplier would have no impact upon ComEd. It currently does not produce your power, nor do they earn any income on the power it currently sells. The power is provided by a group of companies that generate the power and deliver it to ComEd. ComEd then bills on its behalf and passes 100% of the revenue back to the power generators.

What happens if the power goes out? Who do our residents call?

They will continue to call ComEd for any service issues with their power service.

Will municipal aggregation affect the amount of municipal tax that we collect?

Municipal tax is calculated on usage, not dollar amounts. Therefore, there will be no change to the amount of municipal tax collected.

If a resident does not want to participate in the municipal plan, does that resident have any options?

If the municipality moves forward with a lower cost supplier, but a resident does not want to participate, that resident may opt out of the program individually. That resident’s account will then be returned to ComEd and charged the prevailing ComEd rate.

Will businesses that have a more favorable rate from ComEd be obligated to participate?

No, they will be excluded from the group.

Who will be sending our customers their electric bill?

ComEd will continue to invoice customers for both ComEd charges and supplier charges. The customers will notice no change.

What if ComEd's rates are lower than the power suppliers’ bids?

No action is taken. Your residents will remain with ComEd for the next 12 months.

What rate savings can we expect our residents to see?

Results to date indicate a savings of more than 15% and $150 per customer annually.

Is the aggregate supply for residents competitively bid?

Yes. As municipal referendums have passed, the competition for suppliers has increased and forced them to “sharpen their pencils” and offer more competitive prices.

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