Market Assessment

Consistent with our motto “Think Ahead…Move Ahead” Progressive continually monitors the energy landscape to ensure our customers are able to take advantage of market changes and minimize the impact of energy pricing volatility that can hinder budget planning. Our recommendations are based on key market indicators by independent energy sources such as the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Combined with your risk tolerance, Progressive analyzes the existing energy marketplace to make recommendations on a procurement strategy. There are six major factors that influence our recommendations on whether to lock in pricing, take more risk with variable or index pricing, or deploy a combined approach. We analyze:

  • Rig Counts and Storage Levels (Gas)
  • Consumption and Demand Destruction
  • Weather--Current Heating or Cooling Degree Days and Hurricane Forecast
  • Future Gas and Electric Pricing--spread between the Spot Market and Future Strip
  • Economic Outlook
  • Historical Pricing


Four Steps

Market Assessment

Deregulation Status

Getting Started

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